A More Positive Experience in Healthcare Environments
Utilise the Calming Effects of Nature
Enhance the Look and Feel of Any Environment
Create a Memorable Experience for Your Customers

What is Virtual Environments?

Virtual Environments allows you to transform any room into a seemingly new world. Our individual product or integrated solutions are completely customisable and suitable for a range of professional or personal environments.

Nature plays an important part in many of our designs as there is a consistent and strong link between natural surroundings and human emotions. Natural settings can be calming, inspirational and thought provoking - all positive emotional reactions that can lead to better practical outcomes.

A More Positive Experience in Healthcare Environments

Virtual Environments are particularly useful in healthcare environments. Medical examination procedure can trigger strong emotions in both patients and staff such as fear, anxiety, stress and nervousness. Traditionally, hospital environments, particularly Radiology and Oncology departments, have been designed to be functional with little thought towards how patients experience their healthcare. Time and resources are lost due to patient no-shows, refusals at the time of the procedure, and sedation is often required. Staff too, feel the strain of pressure to perform examinations correctly and within set time frames.

Our Virtual Skylight and windows as well as other simulated environmental products work together or individually to create an environment which breeds positive emotions for patients and staff, reducing stress and anxiety during imaging procedures.


Whilst there are a number of positive benefits for creating a visually appealing environment for the patient, healthcare is not the only application for these beautiful environments.