Sheldon Greyling

How did you first come to photography?
I’ve been a pretty creative person my entire life so it was only a matter of time before I discovered photography. I purchased my first entry level camera at 20, just before a trip to New Zealand. That same camera travelled Europe with me the following year and since then I’ve been hooked, travelling the world and capturing the beauty and memories.

Would you say you have a particular photographic style?
Photography styles tend to change based on trends, locations and your own mood. I’ve found I have a pretty varying photography style but definitely focus on landscapes. In my early days of photography I focused largely on Sunrises and Sunsets and edited with an increase in saturation. As I’ve aged my style has adjusted more into dulled colours and lighter contrasts. Maybe that’s saying more about my mood as I’ve aged? Haha.

Where can we find your photography out in the wild? In galleries around the place, public areas, etc.?
Virtual Environment customers are in luck as my photography can’t be found in public except those spaces that Virtual Environments has already wrapped. I like to think of my photography as a hidden gem, just waiting for a special Virtual Environments customer to find. 

How did you first begin your relationship with Virtual Environments?
In the early days of Virtual Environments, the managing supervisor came across my work and asked to use my photography in a display that Virtual Environments was presenting in Chicago. Due to the success of the trade show, Virtual Environments requested some custom photography of Brisbane for a client which I happily produced. Since then Virtual Environments has had unlimited access to my portfolio and have been wrapping walls and skylights with my images.

Where can we find your artwork in partnership with Virtual Environments?
My photography can be found in Hospitals, Radiology labs and medical clinics across Australia.

Do you have a personal favourite installation of your own?
My favourite installation is the Brisbane sunset panoramic I created for Queensland Diagnostic Imaging River City Hallway. This photograph was taken as 8 separate photos and stitched together creating a huge image that’s pixel perfect no matter how close you get to it. The end result was stunning. The rich tones and reflections on the windows really make the piece a stand-out to me.

Do you have any tips for emerging artists keen to establish themselves either artistically or commercially (or both)?
I’m not sure if I’m the right person to be giving advice on commercially viable photography as it’s not the road I’ve gone down – but artistically my recommendation would be to shoot for yourself. Take photos that you love, and most importantly enjoy what you’re doing. If you enjoy it, you’ll find you get better easily.

Are you more of a digital photography or a film photography kind of guy?
I’ve always been a digital photography kind of guy. I enjoy the editing aspect of photography as much as I enjoy taking the photos. I find editing half the art of photography these days. Having said that, I do see the appeal of film photography. It’s more raw, natural and I imagine developing the film yourself brings with it a whole new world of wonders.

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